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"Ever since I can remember

I been poppin my collar"

Mood: Hyper 😬

Last login: 4/9/2007

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Status: Married

Here for: friends

Orientation: Straight

No / Yes

Religion: Christian

Children: Someday

Body Type: 6' 1''

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Wat it do, I'm Puji. I love love 

makin video, jawnin, and eatin 


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Puji's Interests

Sustainable Energy, Videography, Music, Writing

I've been on my internet shit for years now, i was there when youtube was created, i was there when people were crankin dat soulja boy. I've seen it all. 

On a nice day you can catch me editing vids, or makin beats. I used to be addicted to video games so im a huge tryhard.

About Me:

Will Smith, Ski Mask, Danny Brown, Tyler the Creator, Lil B, Benjamin Franklin

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