The Electric Soliders (Draft) - Audiobook


A superhero without a story.. theres no such thing. 

The earth created a promise, that said: 

Those things that you wished for.

Its never happened.

Let them come true.


It was the earth that was mother to all these thoughts.

It was the earth that first started to care about its inhabitants, and created systems for everything to live and thrive.

Now in the age of craze and popularity the mother hands down punishment.

Soon they will be forced to go back to their natural state.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Send in the electric soldiers! Let them march through the cities!


The electric soldiers believed themselves to be the master of days. They wished to control all lives. Their main job was to create ways for people to hesitate. With the propaganda and knowledge they stood above all within the cities. They were the elect, they were the bosses, and you seen them everywhere. The people in these cities lived in tidy little boxes they called: homes. The electric soldiers took advantage of these units, issued demands, made all the city people dance around all day and if they couldn’t dance they got kicked out into the wilderness. The electric soldiers had no grand plans for the city people, they just found having power to be enjoyable. The city people got used to this, they started to come up with some interesting dances even:


Left Left and slide.

Right Right, turn around.. 


The people of the electric cities had no idea what it meant to be natural anymore. Most grew up in the cities, after a few days in the wilderness those kicked out were begging to return. 


But one day the wilderness came to the city..

It snowed everyday for a week, soon after people started claiming they were receiving messages from the wilderness. The electric soldiers could not be more angry. Theres no way trees and rocks could be saying anything to these people. The electric soldiers decided to adjust some rules:


No longer will those unable to dance be cast out into the wildness. Dance instructions will now be offered to all 10am-6pm Mon-Fri.


All the city people were relieved everyone hated going into the wildness. Now everyone: 


Left Right, look to the sky

Backwards, hit the ground.. 


Chapter 2

Chap 2

Its been weeks since the snow incident few even remembered. The water from the melted snow left words on leaves and grass that said “you are human from now on". For a while some kept it, but once the electric soldiers issued free dancing classes the messages were tossed away. 


Once the last message was gone from the city the Natural Royals started to awake from their slumber. They slept in the caves within the wilderness and had been asleep since before the electric soldiers were even born. One by one they slowly started walking towards humans until the all the cities were flooded with them. The Natural Royals smelt like the roots of trees so soon the stench of the wilderness claimed electric cities. The Natural Royals went inside the homes . The humans were hit with a hurricane of words and people learned slowly.. The electric soldiers tried to get rid of The Natural Royals once they began to disrupt dance lessons. They tried every method to remove Natural Royals from the cities but their bodies were so heavy that they could not be moved. The city people felt more connect to the Naturals because they talk in a way in which no one ever talked to them before. They all began to connect with the Naturals and became less afraid of the thought of the wilderness. The electric soldiers tried to turn the people against the Natural Royals but it didn’t work. They tried to issue more commands but no one would listen. Eventually the electric soldiers found a way to interfere with the Natural Royals. They said that all city people found in the presence of a Natural they would have their home taken away. Most city people ran away from any Naturals, but the ones that didn’t still listened to the Naturals words:

You can either be good or you can be great

Theres more in store for you.

You may not understand this now, but you will dream once you connect with the wilderness and become human

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Months later those who left the cities with the Naturals started calling themselves humans. The cities were all covered in leaves and snow. So much so that most people could no longer attend dance lessons. Since the electric soldiers could not banish those into the wilderness everyone stayed inside and ruling these half empty cities felt like a waste of time. The Natural Royals taught the humans how to dream and soon all the humans came back to the cities and said:


Run Run, back and forth

Take a breathe and settle down,


It felt strange that the wilderness taught humans how to dance, but for once in their life they enjoyed it. They started to embrace the idea of the wilderness and all left the cities. They branched out. Even the electric soldiers found joy in the wilderness. Once the electric soldiers and humans were all on board they had a dream. That they would go far away from the cities, the wilderness, the Natural Royals and find their own place. And one day.. suddenly.. they flew away.